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BettingKick has started as an idea during one fun and unforgettable dinner, that gathered a few friends with vast experience in the online gambling industry. The project started to develop very fast after that one night in summer 2019. Looking back at circumstances that started off this platform, we can say it has been almost inevitable to make it. All co-owners have all had a number of successful projects, similar to this one in the past and so BettingKick in some way represents a perfect place of different gambling experiences with the goal for you to find all important, statistically compiled and summarized information about online football gambling.

The aim of this project, above all, is to give reliable and worthy information about upcoming matches to all those with a passion towards sports gambling. The people responsible for delivering such information are our experts, coming from a various countries.

As well as providing you with the analysis of football matches, on our portal you can find tutorials that you can use to find out new things and fully understand the world of online gambling. If you are unsure about which bookmaker would suit you best, you can always look at our list of the bookmakers that we recommend. Be assured that these bookmakers are all perfectly legal and reliable.

We kindly appeal on our visitors to be aware of gambling addictions, and never go more than you can handle, never gamble more than just for fun.

Meet the team

Our team consists of professionals who have enormous experience in online betting

We are a team of people who are passionate about sports and online sports betting. The people behind this project have enormous experience in online gambling industry. All the knowledge and experience came from a variety of different gambling portals, forums and many members of our team have accounts with a number of online bookmakers.

Once again, the ultimate aim of this project is to share our experience and provide the best possible information to all those passionate towards online gambling. Moreover, you and your experience are certainly important to us and we encourage you to write reviews about your bookmaker, as well as to tell us your opinion about our analysis.

Meet The Team

As we mentioned already, our team consists of professionals and our aim is not to put enormous pressure on our employees with the quantity of work, but to give them enough time to thoroughly analyze a certain match so that they can provide you all with the most useful and profitable advice.

We are trying to expand our team and we hope that we will soon have journalists from almost every European and countries worldwide in our team. In case any of you conform with our energy and aim, you can become a part of our team by sending us your CV. If you do want to become a part of our team please consider that you must have a passion towards football, affection for team building, love for quality beer and of course build relationship with other members of the team through socializing.

Vladimir Ognjenovic Betting Kick

Vladimir Ognjenovic

Tax and Legal Manager

Vladimir, or “Vlada” as everyone in BettingKick calls him, has graduated International Law at the University of Belgrade, and became a lawyer 15 years ago. In his working career, he has been on top of his task for many successful bookers. Vlada's knowledge of law and tax regulations in the betting industry is very important to our team. He is someone we all come to, to be sure that everything we do is in line with the law.

Borko Bajic Betting Kick

Borko Bajic

CTO and SEO Manager

Borko is “THE MAN” in our team. Entire platform is in his hands, and we are all looking at him to see what’s coming up. He is innovative leader driving the technical vision to achieve BettingKick’s mission. He has been working as a SEO expert for almost seven years now. Started out in the gambling industry back to 2011 when he launched his first website in this industry.

In addition, he holds an M.S. in electrical engineering, but the role of a SEO manager allowed him to work with some of the biggest brands in the industry. With a sharp eye for detail, we appreciate his effort to put BettingKick over the top. He is a formidable asset for our team, seeing to the details each component of his custom SEO plan. Borko is a problem solver and decision maker, with the ability to prioritize and develop relevant and engaging content.

Marina Ognjenovic Betting Kick

Marina Ognjenovic

Marketing Manager

Marina is the marketing expert with more than 15 years of experience in advertising. After getting an MBI in advertising, she gained her marketing and business knowledge as marketing manager in an advertising agency, working for numerous clients from the betting industry.

She also worked in corporations from the retail and the FMSG industry, where she specialized herself in partnership, marketing strategy definition and investments management. Delivering notable results and leading the team members toward the same goal, are some of her biggest strengths.

Marina has proven her personal contribution in business target achievements for area of responsibility with a set of different measurable KPI’s. She is also very experienced in implementation of new products and innovations on the market.

Mladen Andjelkovic Betting Kick

Mladen Andjelkovic


Mladja, as everyone is calling him, is a true wizard with the pan. He has finished painting at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, and for over 15 years he is making incredible illustrations. He has collaborated with many publishing houses in the country and the region, as well as with many writers! He is the man behind all our characters, he has given a soul and a spirit to all of them, and we can't wait to see where is he going to lead us next.

Richard Burke Betting Kick

Richard Burke

Content Manager

Richard studied in his hometown at the University of Birmingham. Starting out as a freelance copywriter for numerous companies across industries he quickly picked up the art of content writing and SEO techniques. Previously, Richard worked as a content manager for a tech software startup. Searching for creative freedom, flexible hours and friendly co-workers, he left his job and joined the team officially in summer of 2020. Sports betting is one of Richard’s favorite hobbies, and since he has a high success rate, it's also a nice additional source of income for him.

Jack Meyer Betting Kick

Jack Meyer

Content writer

Born in the outskirts of London Jack Meyer grew up supporting West Ham United. His father brought him to Boleyn ground for the first time in 1991. Since then Jack is following West Ham United and the whole English top leagues very closely. After his degree in PR and marketing he decided to follow his passion and report and write about football and rugby. Jack lives currently on the English coast near Brighton and still takes regular trips to London to watch his favorite team and the other big London clubs live in the stadium.

Wyatt Beckley Betting Kick

Wyatt Beckley


Wyatt grew up in the suburbs of London and he is a big Chelsea fan. As a young boy, he found his love for football, which became an obsession, but when he tried playing it he soon realized that he just wasn't talented enough. Bearing that in mind, Wyatt decided to learn everything there is to know about all the teams and players, with special focus on Premier League and Championship . Wyatt has a big affection for Championship and he is well versed in all the teams and knows their advantages and weak spots very well. He is an economist, and being one makes him good with numbers and also good with the odds. His specialty are BTTS matches.

Tucker Nelson Betting Kick

Tucker Nelson


Tucker grew up in London, more precisely in West London. But, unlike many locals, he doesn’t like big and famous teams from that part of the city. Instead, ever since he was a kid, Tucker was passionate for lower divisions. This passion was born when his uncle from Reading took him to the local derby with Aldershot Town when he was 6 and since that moment football was running through his veins. He became a huge fan of the Royals for life, and whenever he could, he goes to Madejski Stadium to enjoy the game. Apart from being a job, his sports knowledge also becomes more than useful when he is betting live on high stakes which is also his passion.

Daniel Garcia Betting Kick

Daniel Garcia


Daniel Garcia is originally from Basque Country, and as a kid who grew up just a few streets from Mendizorrotza Stadium, the choice of Deportivo Alavés as his favourite club is more than obvious. Because of his studies, he moved to Madrid where he graduated in Sports Journalism. Daniel plays football on the weekends, but that does not stop him from watching all La Liga matches. He believes that the outcome of a match can be predicted if all the parameters are analyzed well, including form of the players and weather conditions. Currently he is living in Belgrade, and is in love with a Serbian girl who works as a journalist at one of the famous Sport Channels in Serbia.

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