Comes and Goes: How to Move on After Bet254 Closing

Comes and Goes: How to Move on After Bet254 Closing

Founded in 2017, the Kenyan bookmaker Bet254 offered its customers a plethora of betting opportunities, including those in entertainment and sports. There was a good reason why the business reached the hearts of so many customers. Unfortunately, the platform is closed now, according to the official Bet254 page. The founders did not officially explain the closing of the Bet254 Kenya website. We tried to reach their customer support department, but our queries were returned unread. We can only imagine that finding enough funding to stay afloat is the main obstacle for a bookmaking firm. In this competitive sector, surviving with few bettors and constantly increasing withdrawals can occasionally be challenging. Bet254 aficionados now have to find another platform to bet on. 

Luckily, there will always be fresh betting enterprises available for punters since there is a great demand for them in Kenya.

Best Alternatives for Kenyan Punters

Kenya has a reasonably active betting scene, thanks to the fact that there are no restrictions on which bookies can operate there. Even though only local bookmakers were licensed by the government, foreign betting sites are permitted to run their businesses in Kenya without any restrictions. Let’s see which bookmakers deserve your attention in Kenya.


1xBet is definitely the most landmark bookie worldwide. It provides a great sportsbook with a long history of credibility and a plethora of entertainment choices. The bookmaker, which debuted in 2011, is the ideal fusion of superior service and security. If you want to wager on live sports with a reputable company that offers the newest betting options and markets, a wide range of virtual sports, and a ton of casino gaming possibilities, you should sign up with 1xBet. 1xBet offers an excellent assortment of sports options and betting markets compared to most bookies. Any sporting event unfolding on our globe is open for wagering, whether it's cricket, darts, Australian football, soccer, or even cybersport. 


22Bet is a betting service cherished by Kenyan punters. The website offers an impressive selection of sports and casino games tailored to meet the needs of various players. The company has built a reputation for providing aggressive odds and rewarding promos, which have helped it rise to the top of the list for many Kenyan gamblers. One of the key characteristics that make 22Bet popular is its user-friendly nature. It's simple to browse and place bets on your preferred sports teams and events, whether you're using the 22Bet app or the website. The website supports a number of languages, including English and Swahili. 22Bet has some of the most attractive odds in the online betting industry as far as some markets are concerned. For example, the payout on soccer can be as high as 97%, and other events offer really good odds as well. You'll be happy to learn that there aren't any formal limits on how much you can bet or wager. The upper limit is determined by each customer individually. With this in mind, you can choose 22Bet as a credible and reliable online gaming company that has been active in Kenya for quite a while.


African gamblers enjoy using the Serbian bookmaker MozzartBet. One of the top bookmakers in Kenya, MozzartBet provides reliable and attractive bonuses, instant payouts, jackpots, cashouts, extremely high odds, and a successful, user-friendly platform. According to the platform's philosophy, customers and gamers should always come first. The bookmaker sponsors athletes, football teams, and basketball teams around the world. Last but not least, the bookie features a trendy, easy-to-use application.


One of the top betting sites in Kenya, Betika has a reputation for being one of the most loved wagering destinations in the country. The platform's coverage of several football competitions worldwide, as expected from a sportsbook primarily focused on sports betting, can give gamblers access to a sizable betting market. Betika can boast the best promotions for novice and loyal customers. The betting platform is also appealing to potential bettors because of the features like live betting and cash-out. Gamblers have access to a choice of other equally entertaining casino games in addition to these. With a considerable collection of eSports and video slot games, Betika welcomes you to join the platform if you enjoy playing online casino games. Last but not least, the bookmaker has a customer service team that works around the clock to resolve any queries you might have.


This bookmaker is also famous for its top-notch customer support and straightforward design. It's the perfect environment for you to start gambling and improve your wagering skills. Predictably, football is the most popular sport to wager on at Betwinner for a large portion of users. Tennis, basketball, baseball, golf, and hockey are among other popular sports to bet on, as well as curling, cycling, curling, and ski jumping. In other words, the odds are that by opening an account at Betwinner, you will be able to place a wager on any sport you want. Several different markets are available on the platform with plenty of bet kinds, including singles, accumulators, and chain bets. The odds are not too bad, and seeing how extensively sporting events are covered is a pleasant surprise. Even a complete beginner can easily place a wager on Betwinner because the process is quite simple.

Finding Your Perfect Bookmaker

While selecting your perfect go-to betting destination, there are essential elements you should take into account. The user interface, customer service, quality of the odds, and the variety and quality of the products supplied are a few examples of these characteristics. By weighing these considerations, you can choose the bookmaker that best suits you and your betting preferences. Do you have questions about how to pick a bookmaker when you first start placing bets? It can be confusing with all the names and offers floating around. Before selecting a bookmaker, we advise you to compare several of them because most of them have advantages over rivals. For example, some bookmakers have unique sports and exclusive betting markets.  Some bookies may also offer odds on particular picks you cannot see on other betting websites.

Mind These Factors

You must consider particular factors while selecting a bookmaker that will increase your return. Some of them are listed below. With the right bookmaker, you can be sure that your money is secure and that you can easily collect your winnings.

  • Specify your requirements. Before beginning your internet search for a bookmaker, it's essential to have a clear understanding of what you want from one. Are bonuses or high betting limits required? Or perhaps you're looking for a specific wager or game? Knowing what you need will simplify finding an online bookmaker that meets your goals.
  • Perform independent research. When choosing the best online bookies in Kenya, it is important to do your homework and weigh your possibilities. By taking the time to research and contrast bookmaking platforms, you can choose an honest website that meets your demands and save a lot of time and money in the long run.
  • Prioritize security and safety. An online bookmaker's license is a great plus, but it doesn't ensure that they are completely safe or won't cause any problems. Numerous businesses use legal mechanisms to deny your withdrawal requests and perform a number of other steps. This makes it a good idea to do some research on an operator before signing up. You should search for forums, Facebook groups, or other locations where people discuss the specific brand in addition to checking its license. Once there, you can examine reviews left by previous customers to decide if the company is worthwhile to utilize. Be prepared if a website that, on paper, seems good isn't all that terrific.
  • Check if the mobile app is available. The majority of customers prefer to place wagers using their smartphones because they can do so much faster (especially if the game has already begun). Because of this, the platform must offer an accessible mobile app.
  • Find out how customer support works. Users may need to get in touch with the support team to get the information they require, sort out issues, or get extra bonuses. The customer care department must be open round-the-clock and accessible through various channels, including phone, website chat, email, and even social media. Customers won't publicly criticize your services if you offer prompt and helpful customer care. Examine the customer service reviews to confirm that the bookmaker you selected handled earlier issues appropriately. 
  • Check the odds. Because winnings are based on odds, odds are the most crucial factor to consider when selecting a bookmaker. You can make more money from your passion the higher the odds. Understanding that betting companies cannot provide the greatest odds for every event is important. If they could, they would be operating at a loss. As a result, when selecting a platform, you should be aware of the odds provided for your preferred sport.
  • Mind the track record. If you wish to avoid the errors made by bettors in the past, you should consider a bookmaker's reputation. Most novice gamblers rely on reviews and complaints to form their opinions of a bookmaker. The disadvantage of this is that it encourages many customers to express their annoyances without properly criticizing the bookmakers. Furthermore, some people get paid for publishing unfavorable reviews of a bookmaker on a popular website. However, if certain issues appear repeatedly in reviews, you can begin to see a pattern and get a sense of the company's key benefits and drawbacks. Verify the reviewer's account before selecting a bookmaker based on user reviews. Make sure you carefully read all the reviews before making your judgment. It is advised to look for a well-known website, such as Reddit, where you may read user reviews of a particular bookmaker. Even though some of them won't be favorable, at least a few of the customers' comments will be useful. 

To Sum It Up

During the early stages of the platform's development, the Kenyan-based bookmaker Bet254 offered football fans a very progressive choice. But over time, new platforms emerged that began to displace regional bookmakers and dominate the market. We can't be certain that was the situation with Bet254, as they made no official announcement and immediately disappeared into obscurity. Luckily, Kenya offers a wide assortment of secure, cutting-edge sports betting and gambling sites with top-notch customer support and a huge selection of wagering possibilities. While compiling the top-five list, we considered several factors, including the range of sports available, betting markets, and extra features. If you go through our choices, you'll undoubtedly find the ideal match you were seeking, whether it's a location for new beginnings or a replacement for an existing bookmaker.



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