How could the delay of the EUROs affect the English national team?

How could the delay of the EUROs affect the English national team?

As evident, it is almost impossible to be predicting the effect of something more than a year in advance. A lot could happen in the next year that would prove all the following predictions completely wrong, but I will make the predictions assuming the most probable outcomes.

The delay of the EUROs to 2021, I believe, will have a positive impact on the English national team, ultimately giving them a greater chance to win some silverware. There is obviously a combination of possible factors that could make the English national team more solid in almost every position on the field. The factors are the following; key players properly getting back from injury, improvement in form of some players and emergence of young and talented players to the starting team.

Additionally, in comparison to some other teams going to the EUROs, England will almost definitely have at least the slightest improvement in their team regardless of what happens during the course of the year ahead.

Recovery and enhancement of form:

The most obvious example of key players recovering from injuries are the England strikers; Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford. Both have had problems with serious injuries this season and it was always unclear whether they will be able to recover fully before the start of the EURO 2020. Now with this delay it gives these two world class strikers an extra year, which they could use to properly recover and get back to their sparkling best.

In addition, England's number one goalkeeper Jordan Pickford has had a very inconsistent season this year. His position in the England team was seriously challenged by Sheffield United’s Dean Henderson ahead of the EURO 2020. However, regardless of Henderson’s superior form, Gareth Southgate would have probably stuck with Jordan Pickford in the 2020 tournament. Thus now with an extra year Henderson can prove his worth to Southgate and implement himself as England’s number one. This could potentially mean that England’s goalkeeper role becomes more solid and reliable by the summer of 2021.

Also, there are quite a few players like Joe Gomez and Aaron Wan-Bissaka that have another year to consolidate their current good form and make the England defence, alongside Harry Maguire and Alexander Arnold, very strong indeed. With the inclusion of two more in form defenders the England’s defence as a whole will be pushed to a much higher level, conclusively making England chances of winning the trophy more likely.

Emergence of young and talented players:          

As most people are aware England is currently full of exciting, young and talented players (playing both in the Premier League and abroad). There are way too many potential young players to mention them all, but I will try to mention those that up to now have shown the greatest level of potential.

With the EUROs being moved to 2021, many of these young players are given another year to prove their potential and make their way into the England senior team. The players that I believe are the most capable of becoming star players for England in a year's time are; Jadon Sancho, Mason Greenwood, Phil Foden, Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Callum Hudson-Odoi.

Jadon Sancho

This young lad has already shown this season that he deserves to be in the England squad for the EURO 2020. However, I don’t think that Gareth Southgate would have selected him to be in the starting line up in the summer of 2020. With the tournament being moved to 2021 Jadon has the perfect opportunity to play another great season, thus making his way into the starting England team. The addition of Jadon into the already well established England team would almost certainly give England another edge over their opponents.

Mason Greenwood:

This 18 year old has shown everyone his talent and potential with his amazing 12 goals in the season so far. He is currently uncapped for England but another year of playing at such high standards may earn him a place in the England’s 2021 squad in which he could become a perfect back up for Harry Kane or anyone else up top.

Phil Foden:

Since Pep Guardiola introduced him in the Manchester City team in 2017 his progress and overall footballing ability have been increasing exponentially. He would have probably made the 2020 England EURO team but with an extra year of playing under Guardiola, much like Snacho, Foden does have the potential to become a key player for England in the midfield by the summer of 2021.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka:

Aaron has shown his potential while playing for Crystal Palace but this season at Manchester united he is showing that he can become a truly world class full back. Thus another great season Wan-Bissaka will certainly be trusted by Gareth Southgate to show his class in the England shirt at EURO 2021.

Callum Hudson-Odoi:

Another player from the English youth teams that were so successful in international tournaments. However, Callum due to multiple injuries was only able to show his full potential so far. But this delay of the EUROs will provide a chance for Callum to play the football everyone knows he is capable of and thus make his way into the England team by 2021.

With the inclusion of the listed players, playing at their true potentials should make England a much harder team to beat at the 2021 EUROs. There are many players that I have not mentioned that could, in a year’s time, help England reach the later stages of the EUROs (assuming they continue to improve their form as they have in the past few seasons). Some of these honorable mentions are; Jack Grealish, Mason Mount, James Maddison, Tammy Abraham, Fikayo Tomori...    



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Hello, my boss it's Silvester from Kenya ,am losing all of my bets ,I hope that next week through ur prediction,I will win again



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