Online Betting vs Live Betting

Online Betting vs Live Betting

What is the difference between Online Betting and Live Betting?

Starting with online betting. Simply put, it is very similar to traditional landscape betting, the only major differences are that this sort of betting is done online (so can be conducted almost anywhere with internet access) and that odds are usually slightly more favourable when placing bets online.

Live betting, however, is betting that takes place during the course of the game (match). The odds in this type of betting are obviously much more flexible as they are dictated by what is happening in the game (e.g. time remaining, goals scored, etc). In all truth, live betting is most often conducted online, which sort of makes it a subset of online betting, but it can also be done sitting in a casino.

It is apparent, that both online and live betting have its benefits and drawbacks, that have to be carefully considered. If correctly looked at, each bettor can easily decide which type of betting suits them the most.

Advantages of live and online betting:

Online betting

Live betting

If you decide that you want to place a bet before the match starts. Online betting gives the opportunity to do it whenever and wherever you wish. All you need is a device with an internet connection.

More variety of bets. During live betting you can choose to bet on almost anything, which gives you more opportunities to earn a profit on a single game.

Bonuses and odds offered online are usually more favourable than going to bet in a casino. Thus, greater chances of getting more profit.

Live betting gives you the chance to see the start of the game (getting a feel of it) before actually placing any bets. This could possibly result in a greater success rate.

Some people may find it stressful to go to a casino to bet or place live bets. Online betting allows you to perform all your bets from home, not having to worry about pressures of making quick radical decisions.

Live betting gives you the opportunity to follow on and ‘defend’ your pre-match bets (more on this later).

Most important advantage of both online and live betting (conducted online) is that the safety of your money and bank accounts is to the highest standard. All you need to do before placing any bets is to check if the site you are using possesses an official betting licence. 

Disadvantages of live and online betting:

Online betting

Live betting

Some people may be skeptical of the safety associated with online betting. There is always a danger of this when doing anything online, but this sort of danger can easily be removed by doing some research on the site you are using.

There is significantly less time at offer with live betting, so you need to make decisions very quickly (sometimes too quickly). 

In some countries, online betting is considered illegal, meaning that if you take part in it you are going against the law.

With regards to lack of time, this also does not give you the opportunity to analyse data before placing a bet because the odds are constantly changing (you may be too late to get the right odds at the right price).

Looking at both the advantages and disadvantages of online and live betting, I strongly advise all bettors to choose which sort of betting type suits them the most. By picking the most suitable betting style for you, will most probably result in you getting more out of betting.
For example, online betting may be more for introverted individuals that prefer their own company and wish to keep the comforts of home when placing bets. While, live betting may be more for outgoing individuals that like to take risks that could potentially achieve them higher profits.

Combination of live and online betting:

For those that decide they want to take part in both online (pre-match) betting and live (during the match) betting, there is a way in which you can aid one with the use of other. In order for this to work it would be the best to perform both types of bets online as this could be quicker and more convenient.

For example, you may place a certain bet before the game. As the game starts you may see that you have made a mistake, as the match is not going in the direction you initially predicted. In this scenario you may decide to use live betting to back up or ‘defend’ your initial bet. This includes amending your mistake by placing your bets on something that you think is more likely to happen (e.g. placing your bet on the other side).

This sort of strategy may not bring you much additional profit but it can certainly be used to get back on track and not lose as much money by making poor predictions prior to the match.



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